Meet the Founder!

Jenny Salimi is a Colorado native who has a strong affinity for creating and connecting. She is the inventor of a fashion accessory (Brazzles) and a self-published author of 2 books based on natural and accidental hearts she has found around the world. Her broad range of involvement with indoor and outdoor activities as well as with the community and volunteering keeps her inspired, grounded, invigorated and BUSY! She wouldn't have it any other way. A strength of hers is to find a need for something that's either not out there or is there but needs a little tweaking to make it better. And most of all, she likes to have fun!

SSW was the outcome of an "aha" moment. She has been working as a corporate events planner for the past few years and knows how much an event can cost, especially a wedding.

So, why not bridge the gap and provide a platform where anyone can buy and/or sell their new or used wedding attire, accessories, décor and more? Not only is recycling better for the environment but the seller recoups some of their costs while the buyer saves money. It’s a win-win! As a bonus, fun accessories and gift items have been added at discounted prices.

Why pay full price for something that's only used for a few hours? 

Buy from SSW and you'll get items with deep discount then you can sell and earn money back. Going into wedding debt is out of style!

EMPOWER each other.
STRIVE to be more.
BELIEVE in what can be.
DARE to dream BIG.

What's more exciting is that this site is just the beginning of a bigger picture. So hold onto your hat and take this journey with me!